8 BIT PLATOON are Certified Adobe Business Partners specializing in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

As a combined team we have the most certified AEM Business Practitioners and AEM Developers in South Africa, this equates to 52 years of Adobe Forms experience and 22 years AEM Experience.

8 BIT PLATOON is an Information Technology Company that provides solutions focused on streamlining bi-directional correspondence, interactions & communications (CIC) between organizations and their intended audiences – ie: clients, businesses, employees and social communities.

CIC = correspondence, interactions & communications

Our core set of solutions include:


A few of 8 BIT PLATOON’s clients are listed below.


Close alignment to global brands and best of breed technologies allows 8 BIT PLATOON to navigate quickly in CIC environments.

A few featured brands & technologies are listed below.


8 BIT PLATOON’s Business Partner status with Adobe comes from years of successful enterprise implementations that generate content fit for every purpose.


As a Red Hat partner, 8 BIT PLATOON believes Open-Source solutions, backed by enterprise support, will increasingly play a much bigger role in the enterprise community in the near future.

JBoss Middleware

JBoss Middleware’s increased penetration & inclusion into the modern day enterprise architecture stack is creating a lot of excitement at 8 BIT PLATOON headquarters.



8 BIT PLATOON’s partner affiliation with Oracle ensures delivery across the technology spectrum.


8 BIT PLATOON’s partner status with Microsoft enables them to get under the hood of some of the most popular business tools on the globe.

Technology X

Every technology has its place, purpose & advantages – 8 BIT PLATOON are constantly evaluating the CIC technology-sphere to ensure we recommend only the best tools & technologies for our next CIC implementation.

Unlock Interaction

Are you ready to unlock your organisation’s interaction?

CIC = Correspondence, Interactions & Communications