8 Bit Platoon can help you drive better communications for your business:

I recently came across a White Paper article by Lisa Sutrick (Global Portfolio Director at Pitney Bowes Software).  I realised that a lot of the points she made were very valid for how we at 8 BIT PLATOON value the importance of communications moving in and out of your business. We try our utmost to provide solutions that are focused on streamlining bi-directional communications between the organizations we work with and their intended audiences. Communications can pose huge challenges to organizations, but the truth is that they don’t have to.

Lisa had the following to say:

“When customers think of a company, they don’t typically think of it as a sum of its parts—they consider it as a whole. Every “touchpoint,” every instance in which a business interacts with a customer, reflects on the business overall.”

Touchpoints encompass the full range of inbound and outbound customer interactions:

  • Marketing messages
  • Transactional documents
  • Sales and service interactions
  • Informational documents
  • Service documents

Touchpoints also occur across the spectrum of different available channels. Businesses benefit as they shift from structured communications to interactive and on-demand formats. These are more personalised, customised and time-sensitive, and there is a real and growing appetite among consumers for real-time response.

Most businesses have compartmentalised their communication processes and interactions, creating what Forrester Senior Analyst Craig Le Clair refers to as “islands of information.” These separate information islands are isolated from one another by organisational silos that separate business functions and communications by channel. As a result, many enterprises are riddled with organisational redundancies, inconsistencies that limit their ability to gain a complete customer view and present a unified face to the customer.

Older systems and practices, including aging structured output systems, an overabundance of correspondence management systems, poorly integrated transaction systems and archaic fulfilment processes also limit nimbleness and coordination across the enterprise. The speed with which new regulations arise and the need for increased interactive and on-demand communications further strain enterprise resources.

Changes in how businesses approach customer communication management (CCM) can help address these challenges and provide the increased agility and cross-organisational coordination that today’s communication landscape demands. These changes call for a shift in roles and responsibilities and an increased use of e-capabilities to expedite processes.

At 8 BIT PLATOON we work alongside your organization and provide solutions for your CCM systems. Our vision is to create a technology ecosystem that organizations, people & social communities across the globe will use to communicate & interact effortlessly.  Our ecosystem will ensure that interactions are secure, convenient, traceable & actionable.

If you need our help in reaching your communication goals then please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment.

Source: Le Clair, Craig and Sutrick, Lisa (Speakers) (November 16, 2011). Independent Research Firm and PB Perspectives: Using Analytics to Drive Better Communications [Digital webinar recording]. Retrieved January 4, 2011, from http://gw.vtrenz. net/?FLMPKRW1T9


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