We’re always looking for passionate, knowledgeable, and all around
great people who love making a difference through technology and enjoy having fun while doing it.

We are looking for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Ninja’s to join our world class AEM team.

If you think YOU have what it takes, please read the write up by following the below link, and drop us a mail if you fit the criteria:)


You are not a Number

At 8 BIT PLATOON, we are not traditional employees with a boring number, we are Soldiers who are part of a closely integrated team dedicated to working really hard and enjoying life.

Flexible Hours

We all have different responsibilities at different times and at 8 BIT PLATOON we get that.  There are core client hours that we adhere to, whilst making sure we provide 8 hours of business value a day.

Ranking Structure

8 BIT PLATOON’s ranking structure means you can dictate your maximum salary potential.  By moving up through the ranks you will largely influence  your own earning potential and other benefits.

Whose the Boss?

Our structure is not even flat, it is non-existent!  As Soldiers of the 8 BIT PLATOON we all have different strengths and as a result we capitalize on each individuals strength by utilizing their unique expertise on a project – no boss required here – just soldiers, teamwork & skills!

Need more leave

As you move up through 8 BIT PLATOON’s ranking structure, you will start getting additional annual leave to spend with your loved ones and building that super cool robot in your garage.

Making a difference

If you want a job, we could help you find one somewhere else.  If you want to make a difference in the world and change organizations & people’s lives, then join the 8 BIT PLATOON!  Bring your skills and through technology lets make a difference!

Tips when applying:

Tell us how the story behind you getting to this page
Tell us the reason you decided to make contact with us
Be free, frank and open
Find a spelling or grammar error on this website
Check our facebook page out and see if we fit your culture
Tell us the most exciting thing you have ever done
What makes 8 BIT PLATOON attractive to you
Tell us about your total current package
Tell us what you expect to get out of 8 BIT PLATOON
What are your weaknesses
Available Positions

Software Development Ninja

Is this you….?  You really know your stuff.  You’ve made ‘all’ the mistakes and have learnt from them.  You’ve got years of solid programming experience and nothing really phases you – any requirement, any platform, must be delivered ‘yesterday’ – you’ve dealt with that before, you got it covered!

The ability to report back to the client & ensuring a project’s delivery may very well be other artillery up your sleeve.

You are an 8 BIT PLATOON soldier when:

  • you are passionate about software development;
  • it is a hobby of yours to explore various technologies & create applications;
  • you have a drive to constantly learn new technologies & concepts;
  • you enjoy real world challenges & requirements and see it as a puzzle and not work;
  • you enjoy seeing software make a visible difference in the lives of people in the world;
  • you communicate openly, make suggestions & are a team player;
  • you enjoy having a balanced personal & work life;
  • you enjoy having fun & trying new things;

If it sounds like we described you above, then drop us an email immediately on cv@8bitplatoon.com to apply.

Business Analyst – Intelligence Agent

8 BIT PLATOON is looking for an energetic & engaging individual who will unpack, analyse & document the requirements of our existing & new clients – whilst providing real business value to our clients & development squad.

A typical day at 8 BIT PLATOON for a Intelligence Agent may include the following tasks, but not limited to:

  • Creating User Stories
  • UML Diagrams
  • Liaising & engaging with Clients
  • Researching Technologies & Finding Best Fits.
  • Compiling TDS & FDS (Documentation)
  • Reviewing Client Specifications, Tenders, etc
  • Compiling detailed developer usable documentation
  • Evaluating & Improving Business Processes
  • Management of Test Case Packs
  • Be part of the 8BP development squad and see projects into production & beyond
  • Learning & Upskilling yourself.

If this sounds like your cuppa tea, to apply drop us an email on cv@8bitplatoon.com

Software 101 Coder with a Fire Burning Inside

Are you the next Development Ninja to grace the technology world?  Do you spend your spare hours playing with computers (not always games), building robots, developing code?  Do you need that opportunity to show your potential to the world?

If so, we suggest you then apply to the 8 BIT PLATOON.

A typical day at 8 BIT PLATOON for a Software 101 Coder may include the following tasks, but not limited to:

  • Doing your Bootcamp Training
  • Writing Exams
  • Developing Prototypes
  • Building components & modules
  • Generating forms & templates
  • Integrating with the team on a live project
  • Showing off to the team, something really cool you did

If this sounds like your future, to apply drop us an email on cv@8bitplatoon.com