Managed Social Interaction

Take control of social media communication through integrated and configurable review and approval workflows.

Micro Interactions

Track, audit and control micro interactions, including SMS, USSD, instant messaging and push notification.

Upsell-Targeted Documents

Leverage existing client correspondence by adding targeted messages and offers based on customer information.

Dynamic Questionnaires

Gain deep insight into stakeholder experience with document-based and web-based dynamic questionnaires/surveys.

POPI Compliance

Ensure all inbound and outbound communication are compliant with relevant legislation, including POPI.

Approved Correspondence

Gain granular control over high-value outbound communication with review and approval workflows.

Secured and Controlled Distribution (RM)

Establish fine-grained control over sensitive documents by controlling who can see it, but also how it can be used.


Unlock Interaction

Are you ready to unlock your organisation’s interaction?

CIC = Correspondence, Interactions & Communications